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Keno is one of the oldest games on our planet, and its founders are considered to be Chinese. There are several interesting legends about its origins, and it is mentioned in ancient Chinese scrolls that date back to 200 BC.

One legend about Keno says that during the war the Chinese ruler did not have enough resources for the maintenance of the army and decided to create a game from which the proceeds will cover military expenses. The Great Wall of China is believed to have been made possible by the money obtained from the sale of Keno.

The second Keno legend relates to the spread of writing. To quickly teach children the hieroglyphics, the Chinese created a textbook based on a children's verse with a thousand unique lines. The first 120 characters from this line became the main characters in a game known as the Chinese Lottery or Keno.

To inform distant corners of the country about the game's results, the Chinese used carrier pigeons that gave the game a different name - the White Dove Lottery. || 202

Jak grać w Keno online

Keno is a kind of instant lottery game in Australia online casino, the so-called fast bingo for the lazy. In the online version of the Keno, a virtual one is used instead of a real lottery ticket, which is the interface of the game. The player's task is to select as many numbers as possible. The game is loved in all countries and even the fact that the casino has a very large Keno advantage (5-25%) does not prevent its popularity. Every year Keno wins the hearts of new fans and players often hit impressive jackpots.

Players are given a card with 80 numbers on which to mark the numbers they consider to be won. The number of numbers selected may vary depending on the Keno type, but the most common option is 20 items. The amount of winnings depends on the number of numbers proposed for the forecast. The fewer numbers that are offered to predict, the more solid the jackpot will be, but the probability of a successful outcome decreases. a game ticket with numerical values ​​from 1 to 80. In standard Keno, the numbers are grouped into 8 rows of 10 numbers.

Istnieje kilka rodzajów Keno, ale standardowa gra online zawiera kilka typowych elementów:

  • Karta Keno to bilet do gry z wartościami liczbowymi od 1 do 80. W standardowym Keno liczby są pogrupowane w 8 rzędach po 10 liczb.
  • Payout table - familiarize users with payments for the number of guessed numbers. The largest percentage of the guessed numbers, not the largest number, brings players the most profit. Predicting 6 out of 6 is more profitable than guessing 8 out of 14 options. for every newcomer to the gambling establishment. This can be briefly expressed in the following steps:
  • Szybki wybór – naciśnięcie tego przycisku pomoże Ci automatycznie wybrać przewidywane liczby.

Algorytm gry w Keno jest prosty i zrozumiały dla każdego nowicjusza w zakładzie hazardowym. Można to krótko wyrazić w następujących etapach:

  1. Choosing a room
  2. Determining the amount of the bet
  3. Choosing the number of rounds to be played
  4. The result of the draw || | 232

Grając w Keno, użytkownik musi całkowicie polegać na swojej intuicji i fortunie.

Keno Glossary

Before immersing in this exciting game, experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic terms used in Keno:

  • Total limit - payout amount per round
  • Bankroll - amount to be used in the game
  • Bet - bet amount for 1 Keno coupon in 1 draw
  • Closed - time before the draw, when the numbers cannot be marked on the ticket
  • Balls - ping-pong balls with numbers from 1 to 80
  • Draw - a panel of 20 balls designed to display the winning numbers || | 251
  • Flashboard – cyfrowy dashboard pokazujący liczbę piłek biorących udział w losowaniu
  • Sign - marking on the ticket showing which numbers have been selected
  • Goose - device for mixing balls with numbers | || 257
  • Otwarty – okres, w którym kasyno akceptuje bilety na Keno
  • House - Casino
  • House Edge - Percentage of House Edge
  • Punch Outs - template for quick checking of winning tickets
  • Spot - numbers marked on the ticket
  • Ticket - ticket (card) draw
  • Way Ticket - ticket with 2 or more bets | || 271
  • Writer – pracownik kasyna prowadzący losowanie

Keno: Bets & Odds

Online Keno Draw is based on random number generators and is completely electronic, unlike the early versions of this popular game. This approach fully guarantees the transparency and cleanliness of the game, and the drawing results are based on randomness according to mathematical odds. Players can enjoy playing Keno knowing that the draw system is certified and audited by third party auditing companies.

The table below will help you better understand the Keno betting types and estimate your chances of winning on the various hands in the game.

Number of rooms Figure Chance to win

2 rooms

2 out of 20 1 of 13

3 rooms

3 of 20

1 of 48

4 rooms

4 z 20

1 in 189

5 rooms

5 out of 20

4 z 20

1 in 781

1 out of 50

6 rooms

6 out of 20

5 out of 20

1 in 3383

1 in 169

7 rooms

7 out of 20

6 out of 20

5 out of 20

1 in 15464

1 w 619

1 out of 63

8 rooms

8 out of 20

7 z 20

6 of 20

1 in 74941

1 in 2436

1 in 199

9 pokoi

9 out of 20

8 out of 20

7 out of 20

6 z 20

1 in 387197

1 in 10325

1 in 685

1 of 86

10 rooms 10 of 20

9 of 20

8 of 20

7 of 20

0 of 20

1 in 2147181

1 in 47238

1 in 2571

1 in 261

1 of 39

Bonus Offers

These days all major casinos attract new customers with tempting bonus programs and generous promotional offers. For Keno beginners, it is best to choose casinos with attractive welcome bonuses that will allow them to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and try out various Keno strategies without significant personal investment.

Ponadto do gry w Keno zaleca się wybranie kasyna z hojnymi bonusami za pierwszy depozyt, który pomnoży pierwszy depozyt do salda gry, co oznacza, że ​​znacznie zwiększy szanse na sukces przy uzupełnianiu większej liczby kart Keno.

Ponadto, niektóre kasyna mogą oferować inny no deposit bonus to play keno.

Important! We must not forget that when using bonuses you must strictly follow the wagering rules and go through the full user identification procedure.

Keno Strategy

Keno is a random number generator gambling game, therefore it is impossible to predict its outcome. As a Keno strategy, seasoned players have a clear concept of the payout ratio. Before playing, you should carefully read the paytable and odds to understand exactly how much and how much a gambling bet will pay.

However, some professional Keno players recommend that beginners familiarize themselves with the following popular game methods:

  • Random Theory
  • Reverse Event Betting
  • d'Alembert and Martingale Game
  • Series and catch-up strategy
  • Zablokuj system gry

Theory of chances

In Keno, the draws are not connected in any way and all balls fall in random order. But even this fact does not prevent some players from believing that it is necessary to bet on those numbers that have not yet been won in several previous draws. The probability of their occurrence is quite high, but there is no absolute certainty.

Bet on the Outcome of Inverse

Proponents of this theory urge players to carefully study the statistics of previous draws. Their theory is based on the assumption that one event does not repeat several times in a row. They also suggest making a choice in favor of those numbers that have not been drawn in the last draws.

Playing the D'Alembert and Martingale method

The D'Alembert and Martingale playing method is ideal for players with little capital. This approach is actively used in other gambling games such as roulette and lotteries. The essence of this method is that after each defeat, the player increases the number of bets by one. If a player has placed a $ 1 bet and is unsuccessful, he must place 2 $ 1 bets on the next draw. Ultimately, the player must win with a pot twice the size of the original.

Number series and catch-up strategy

Compared to d'Alembert and Martingale, the number series strategy exposes the player to much less risk and is considered more flexible. Before starting the game, Keno fans must clearly define their bankroll size and the timeframe in which the player plans to win. For each win, the number of predicted numbers must be halved and in the event of a failure, it must be increased by one.

The catch-up strategy is a system where players choose the same numbers before they appear. This game system is widespread among players all over the world.

Lock game system

The most interesting for players are systems that are ready to bring significant winnings to Keno fans. One of such systems is the block-based gaming method, which often brings success to users. The essence of the system is simple and consists of several steps:

  1. Selecting 20 numbers to be predicted.
  2. Dividing 20 numbers into 5 blocks with 4 numbers each.
  3. Division each block for pairs - 6 combinations of 10 numbers.
  4. Placing 6 bets in a draw of 10 out of 10 on the numbers filling the empty fields in the table on the left.

The player will be most successful when z each block will produce 2 numbers.

Keno Tips

Experienced users recommend these useful tips to play Keno successfully:

  • Choose the best casino to play Keno
  • Decide on a bankroll
  • Read the paytable and odds carefully
  • Determine the correct number of numbers to bet
  • Start the game from minimal bets, gradually increasing their size
  • Play a sequential set of numbers
  • Avoid false strategies

Playing Keno on Mobile

All popular gambling establishments zape give customers the ability to play Keno from mobile devices using special applications or mobile versions of online casinos. You can play Keno from phones running on different platforms - Apple, Android, Linux, Widows and Blackberry. You can play Keno from your mobile, both for real money and virtual units in the high-quality demo.


Keno is the best made in China. The game deservedly gained incredible popularity among fans of gambling entertainment, thanks to the simple rules, and most importantly, the ability to bring players amazing winnings. Having filled out the Keno coupon once, the player will certainly want to return to the online casino to be part of this extremely interesting gaming process again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific Keno strategy for guaranteed success?
There is no absolutely winning Keno strategy, but by following the most popular game methods, the user will greatly increase their chances of ultimate success.
What are the player's chances of winning the Keno?
A player's chances depend directly on the number of matched numbers and the specific draw, and full information about the odds can be found in the paytable.
Can you play Keno for free before playing for real money?
Yes, most gambling establishments offer players the option to play Keno for free.