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Despite the strictest gambling law in the Republic of Australia, many European gambling sites still accept Australians. You can create an account at such a casino and play for real money online. Many sites even accept AUD as the game currency and allow the use of Australia on the site.

In this review, you will learn about legal online casinos in Australia that provide their services in accordance with all the standards of European legislation. These sites are licensed by regulators in countries such as Malta, Curacao (Netherlands), United Kingdom and other jurisdictions. We will also take a look at the current gambling legislation in Australia.

Our team of experts has compiled a list of legal casinos for Australia players below. By playing in these venues you can be fully convinced of their honesty and integrity. We will also tell you what criteria we use to evaluate legal online casinos.

List of Legal Online Casinos in Australia 2022

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Gambling legislation in Australia: history and the most important legal acts

One of the first legal acts regulating online gambling was the Act of 2002 on the provision of electronic services. It was not aimed directly at gambling, but imposed a number of regulations on all companies providing online services, including casino operators.

Cardinal changes in the gambling sphere in Australia were introduced by a relevant act of 2009. The history of its adoption by Parliament fully reflects all the aims of this law and its impact on the industry. In short, some members of the government have been accused of lobbying for gambling companies. For this reason, the law was as strict as possible and left almost all forms of gambling out of the legal area. In fact, only sports betting and lotteries have remained legal in the online sphere. Even legal online casinos licensed by European regulators have become illegal

Interestingly, the 2009 Gambling Act was passed in just 2 days. It contained many legal errors which resulted in legal conflicts and led to double standards on many issues. In addition, the regulatory act was in some respects contrary to European Union standards for the free provision of services by companies within the bloc.

It should also be noted that by law all foreign gambling sites should be blocked by internet providers, and Australians were banned from playing in such casinos under the threat of financial sanctions and even criminal liability. in 2017 and are still valid today. Unfortunately, the changes did not result in a greater market opening and even legal online casinos with a European license remain illegal in Australia. The key editions of 2017 were intended to correct errors in the document for 2019. In addition, the legal mechanism of blocking foreign gambling sites has been regulated.

Faktyczne prawodawstwo dotyczące gier hazardowych

Pomimo niedoskonałości przepisów z 2009 r., istotne zmiany w prawie zostały wprowadzone dopiero w 2017 r. i są aktualne do dziś. Niestety, zmiany nie spowodowały większego otwarcia rynku i nawet legalne kasyna online z europejską licencją pozostają w Australia nielegalne. Kluczowe edycje z 2017 r. miały na celu poprawienie błędów w dokumencie na 2019 r. Ponadto uregulowany został mechanizm prawny blokowania zagranicznych stron hazardowych.

Legislative changes from 2017 also resulted in the creation of the only legal online casino in Australia - Total Casino. This website was launched by Totalizator Sportowy, which is a state monopoly in the country. In fact, it is the only gambling site where you can play for money online under Australia law.

Although Total Casino offers various forms of gambling including slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other games, the choice is much smaller than on other European sites. Additionally, a legal Australia online casino with foreign licenses offers much more attractive bonuses. You should also note that at Total Casino your winnings will be taxed.

The 2017 Act left the basic principles of the 2009 Regulations unchanged: all forms of online gambling except sports betting and lotteries are prohibited. Offline casinos remain legal, but must obtain a license from the Australia Ministry of Finance. The criteria for obtaining such a license are quite strict and their activity is highly taxed up to 50% depending on the type of gambling.

An interesting way out of the current ban on online gambling was found by BetGames STS, which offers betting on the results of popular games such like poker or baccarat. This approach is a bet, not a gamble, so it is completely legal under Australia law. the online casino offering its services legally is the already mentioned Totalizator Sportowy gambling website. It has a monopoly on the market, and all other online gambling options, apart from lotteries and sports betting, are illegal under the law.

Ograniczenia i zakazy dotyczące graczy i podmiotów prowadzących kasyna

Zgodnie z obowiązującym prawem, jedynym polskim kasynem online oferującym swoje usługi legalnie jest wspomniany już serwis hazardowy Totalizatora Sportowego. Ma on monopol na rynku, a wszystkie inne opcje gier hazardowych w Internecie, poza loteriami i zakładami sportowymi, są nielegalne w świetle prawa.

Legal online casinos with foreign licenses also accept Australians. These sites fully comply with all European Union gambling laws and regulations. Nevertheless, such restrictions should be considered:

  1. Playing in an online casino without a Australia license is a crime in Australia. The player may receive a serious fine and in some cases may even be prosecuted. In practice, of course, this provision of the Criminal Code is not so strict. Throughout this period, there were only a few court cases, which resulted in rather modest penalties for the players. To be as legally correct as possible, only gambling outside Australia does not violate the applicable regulations. In any case, it is the player who decides whether he wants to play at online casinos legal in Australia that are registered abroad.
  2. All foreign sites are blocked from the country. ISPs are responsible for this, and they can face a heavy fine for not complying with this provision of the Gambling Act. It should be noted that many legal online casinos with a European license have challenged this decision of the authorities in the courts, but so far without success. According to foreign casino operators, the 2017 law violates EU rules on competition and free market access. The list of domains to be blocked was introduced in 2009, but the mechanism of their inclusion in the registry was debugged only in 2017.
  3. Internet casinos are basically banned in Australia, with the exception of the state-owned monopoly Total Casino. Foreign operators, like residents of the country, cannot obtain the appropriate license. Slot machines, table and card games, bingo are not legal in the Australia part of the World Wide Web.

The law in Australia is strict both for players and casino operators. If you still want to play games for money online, you can find the best legal online casinos in Australia in our ranking on this page.

Offline casinos as an alternative to online gambling

Despite significant restrictions, gambling is still legal in the country. In addition to gambling sites, there are also land-based casinos in Australia. There are over 40 of them, which makes the choice of outlets quite wide.

Land-based casinos are located in many large cities, including Kraków, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań. In order to play at these casinos, a player needs to register. The available games will include slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo etc. On the other hand, the choice will be much smaller than in legal online casinos with a European license. Winnings in land-based casinos over AUD 2 280 are taxed at 10%.

A license to run a land-based casino can be obtained by both Australia companies and casino operators from other European Union countries. This requires an office in Australia, an impeccable reputation, the necessary economic feasibility study for the project and sufficient capital. The license is issued by the Ministry of Finance for a period of 6 years. There must not be more than 2 land-based casinos in a city with a population of up to 500,000 inhabitants. a chance to win big prizes.

Nawet pomimo względnej dostępności instytucji hazardowych offline, każde Australian legalne kasyno online zaoferuje Ci znacznie więcej możliwości gry, w tym różnorodność gier, bonusy i szansę na wygranie dużych nagród.

Free online slots and other games

You can play online not only for money, but also for free. As there are no real prizes in the game, it is not considered a gamble and therefore completely legal in Australia.

There are not many such sites in the Australia part of the Internet. One of the most popular is Mojjackpot, where you can find mainly slots and a few other games.

Note that a legal online casino in Australia with a foreign license will be much more attractive for free games. They have a much greater variety of gaming software, including hundreds of machines and dozens of table games. Even if the site is blocked, you can use a VPN and play for free. This is legal and there are no sanctions.

If you haven't played for money before, free gambling is the best way to understand how it all works, learn the rules and develop a betting strategy. || | 586

Wybierając legalne kasyno internetowe z naszej listy, możesz zacząć grać za darmo, a następnie zarejestrować się i obstawiać prawdziwe zakłady w grach, które już wypróbowałeś w trybie demo. W ten sposób dowiesz się wszystkiego o stronie internetowej kasyna, systemie bonusów i dostępnych grach. Jest to bardzo wygodne i pozwoli Ci iść do gry na pieniądze tak szybko, jak to możliwe.

What online casinos are legal in Australia?

To sum up all the legal aspects of gambling regulation in Australia, we can say that the regulations in the country are as strict as possible for players and casino operators. Even in countries with very strict regulations regarding gambling sites, such as Germany or Sweden, the player is always free to choose. Unfortunately, there is no such thing in Australia. There is only a state monopoly that is offered as the only option available.

Legal online casinos with licenses from European regulators also offer their services to Australians. Many of them even question the presence of the state blockade list. Nevertheless, the position of the authorities on this issue remains unchanged.

As far as players are concerned, legal online casinos are ready to offer Australians safe gambling for money and a number of benefits, including:

  • a huge amount of slots ;
  • big welcome pack and other bonuses;
  • various payment systems;
  • big wins and jackpots;
  • quick payouts. || |

Playing outside Australia, Australians have complete freedom in choosing gambling sites. When it comes to accessing online casinos within the country, the situation is not so clear cut. In terms of generally accepted EU regulations, the player can choose any Australia, legal online casino. In turn, the gambling law provides for penalties for players for such actions. It is true that the actual implementation of any legal action against players is rather rare. Especially since many people prefer to use anonymous payment methods without revealing personal data.

To sum up, it can be said that playing for money in legal online casinos is the player's choice. The possibility exists and sites that offer slots with real bets are safe and have official European licenses. Whether or not you use this option is an individual decision of each player.

How we judge legal online casinos in Australia

The variety of gambling sites allows each player to choose online casino corresponding to his preferences. The bottom line is that it should be safe to play and pay all prizes fairly.

In our list of legal online casinos in Australia you will find only the best sites that have been checked according to the following criteria:

  1. Availability of an official gambling license. This indicator is the key to determining an online casino as legitimate. Licenses are issued by the relevant regulatory authorities. In Europe, these are regulators from Malta, Curacao (the Netherlands), Great Britain and Gibraltar. To obtain a license, a casino operator must prove their impeccable reputation, pass a series of checks, be solvent and use quality software.
  2. Legal gaming software. The casino games are provided by developers who partner with gambling sites. This software must undergo a series of inspections and obtain an appropriate license from European regulators. We always check that a legal online casino uses quality software.
  3. Good bonus program. The availability of attractive bonuses is an important criterion when choosing a gambling site. Every player wants more funds in their account and freespins, but the integrity of the bonus program is also important. We check not only the quantity but also the quality of the bonuses, including wagering requirements and the withdrawal limit of these funds.
  4. Security of the facility. Reliable protection of personal data and payment information is mandatory for all legal online casinos in Australia. SSL encryption and other methods are used to ensure security. A fair privacy policy also plays a key role when choosing a legal online casino.
  5. Qualified Player Support. While playing on the site, players may have many questions. It is the job of the support team to quickly answer them and solve any problems. Attitude towards the player on the site - an important criterion for the casino evaluation, which is difficult to overestimate.
  6. Reliability of the payment. The financial element of the casino game is a priority for many Australians. Every player wants to win and for this purpose it is necessary to safely deposit their account on the site, and then - quickly and in full withdraw the winnings. The key parameters will also be the availability of reliable payment systems and fast payment processing on the website without unnecessary commissions. For your convenience, we have also separated minimum deposit casinos.

Our team evaluates gambling sites comprehensively. In addition to the above criteria, we use many others to make sure that our list of legal online casinos in Australia will be useful for the player and only offer the best gambling sites.


Legal online casinos with With foreign licenses, they offer their services to Australians, even despite significant legal restrictions. Players can create an account and play for money games from the best software developers. Many sites allow you to use zlotys instead of euros.

Under Australia law, access to foreign casinos is limited for Australians. Each player has to decide for himself whether he wants to play at a legal online casino with a foreign license. If you are interested in playing for real money, on our website you will find a ranking of the best casinos that officially accept Australians.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to play in an online casino in Australia?
Under Australia law, Totalizator Sportowy has a monopoly on online gambling. Other entities are not entitled to such activity. Nevertheless, legal online casinos in Australia with a foreign license accept Australians.
How do I know if online casinos are legal?
Legal online casinos must meet a number of criteria, including being officially licensed, using legal software, and ensuring the safety of the gambling site.
Which online casinos are legal in Australia?
The best legal online casinos in Australia can be found on our website. Our experts have created a list of casinos that accept Australians and are completely safe.